Find Historical Weather Information

GRIB files aren't the only way to look at historical weather. Peter shows how it's important to understand how the game of route planning was played before the days of weather satellites before diving into the higher tech information.

Peter Isler - Instructor

Peter is renowned for his engaging teaching style and vast knowledge in the world of navigation and marine weather. A two-time America's Cup winner, Peter loves to share his knowledge.

Process historical GRIB files

Peter leads you through all the steps - so you can download your own historical GRIBS (over 40 yrs of global data) and process them into understandable results

Harvesting historical weather information with today's tools

When Columbus set off across the Atlantic - he and his fleet were heading into the unknown. Today, there is a plethora of historical weather information that can be used for site research and to smartly plan passages and glean information on the conditions enroute.

In this course, world famous navigator, Peter Isler shows where to find historical weather information - including historical GRIB files. He provides instruction on obtaining and processing that information to present in an easily understandable manner.

In this class you will learn:

  • Best practices for finding historical weather information - from "old school" and today's cutting-edge sources.
  • How to request and download GRIB files of historical weather (going back decades) from one of the most highly regarded sources of global weather information.
  • How to use Expedition Navigation and Sailing software's optimal routing feature to study the historical weather on a particular route - for passage or race planning.

This class is not for near term weather routing and planning with today's weather models. It shows how to use historical weather information to get a big picture of the average conditions and ranges on a particular route. The information you learn can be invaluable for long term passage planning and to guide boat and sail optimization for future races.

Class includes a free 30 day license for Expedition Navigation and Sailing software

Chris Bedford -Professional Weather Services

The tools and techniques that you learn in this class are invaluable. But as we learn in Marine Weather University's courses, computer models do not replace the skills, experience and knowledge of a professional meteorologist. If you are serious about preparing for a race or passage - we strongly recommend you consider enlisting the services of our weather coach, Chris Bedford - the leading meteorologist in the sport of sailing.

Sailing Weather Services:

Chris Bedford: [email protected]