Peter Isler explains this new class in a short video

In this class Peter will be showing tips and techniques for weather routing while playing the RealSail game.

We've been working with the folks at the RealSail online sailing game to add features to help sailors practice their weather routing strategy. Its really fun and a great way to provide real life practice. RealSail can send sailing data to Expedition Navigation and Sailing Software and has sailing modes features like "vmg", "hot vmg" and "optimum vmc".

You don't need to be able to use Expedition to have fun and learn playing the game, but it does take things to the next level for Expedition users.

RealSail Online Game

Our first round of races is complete - with the start of the Transpac Test Race (LA to Hawaii) on June 13. So maybe you want to wait to enroll until the next round of races is announced. But its worth practicing your RealSail skills before you sail in a big race - and this class provides lots of information to help get you going in RealSail.

You can always play (and replay) the US practice race (Santa Barbara to San Diego) at to hone your skills! The first part of our course curriculum covers this race course in depth.