Marine Weather University's most comprehensive offering for the most motivated weather students. The eight classes in the Fundamentals Course are augmented with eight additional advanced lectures and materials that lets us dive even deeper into each subject. Advanced Course students are invited to participate in group coaching sessions with Chris Bedford.

Chris Bedford - Weather Coach

Chris is respected world-wide for the 35 years of experience and expertise in marine and coastal meteorology that he provides to the world's most accomplished and successful sailors. He is known for his straight-forward, honest, and practical approach to using weather knowledge as a competitive advantage.

MWU's "Advanced Course" consists of 16 classes - basic and advanced classes in each of our subjects (see Curriculum below)

Each class contains:

  • Video: lecture with Chris Bedford & Peter Isler
  • Presentation notes from each lecture for download
  • Quiz
  • Resource material

Plus Advanced Course students may attend two group coaching online sessions and receive admission to our MWU Advanced online community.

Learn at your own schedule! Students get unlimited access according to MWU's Terms of Use


Not sure you're ready to make the commitment? Enroll in the first class - Clouds & Marine Weather and if you like it and want to go further - contact us and we will give you credit for your first course when you purchase a full course.


Two-time America's Cup winner, Peter Isler explains the differences so you can choose which is best for you.


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MWU Advanced Course

Take your study of marine weather to the ultimate level

This Advanced Course features 16 classes: the eight classes from the Fundamentals course plus eight additional Advanced Classes on each subject. Advanced program members will also be able to attend two live online coaching sessions. These small group sessions give you the opportunity to interact personally with the instructor in a coaching session-type environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course contents?

Your student ID card never expires - you will have 24/7 access through the life of the University.

How do students access the course contents?

Upon registration - you will be provided online access to the Advanced Course. Most content (lectures etc) are always available online - and some material is downloadable.