An Offshore Classic

A great way to learn offshore sailing skills or kick start your preparation for the big race. You will learn about:

  • race strategy,
  • pre-race weather study,
  • in-race optimal routing and tactics,
  • satellite data techniques,
  • afterguard/navigator communication
  • and much more.

  • Chris Bedford: climatology presentation
  • Artie Means created marine electronics presentation

Much of the presentation will feature Expedition Navigation & Racing software and Peter will share his knowledge of this powerful tool. (Free trial licenses are available to students!)

Select Your Crew Number and Register here

This class is not just for navigators. Spread the knowledge to win - afterguard, watch captains, speed team and all the crew - are welcome. Please play fair - same boat crew only.


First crewmember from a boat

You can enroll additional crew members from the same boat by choosing one of the other pricing plans below now - or use this pricing plan for yourself and we'll provide you with details of how to get the "crew discount" later. (please play fair - actual crew from SAME boat please)

$129 for first crew

$ 64 for up to two additional crew (from same boat)

$ 40 for additional crew (after the first three)


First crew plus one additional crew

$129 for first crew

$ 64/person for up to two additional crew (from same boat)

$ 40/person for three or more additional crew (from same boat)

Please play fair - same boat crew only


First crew plus two additional crew

Only offered for actual crew from same boat - please play fair!


First crew plus 3 additional crew

For more than four crew from same boat (please play fair) - select this option and email [email protected] to request further spots!